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    Studies show that video trumps everything when it comes to influencing power.

    What does this mean for your business? Will you beat your competitors to the prize or be left behind? We have been so conditioned by the power of the moving picture that it has to be a key part of your marketing effort. Talk to us today about how video can promote your business.


Video Gallery

A showcase of our recent work.

Azzurro-Blu Showreel

A quick glimpse of things that we’ve filmed for ourselves and our clients.

Golf Aberdeen - Mackenzie Championship Course

What does Augusta National in Georgia, home to many Masters’ tournaments, and Hazlehead in Aberdeen have in common? This video will tell you.

Bibby Offshore - Title Intro Sequence

Example of motion graphic titles from a project featuring the complexity and scale of a DSV mobilisation.

Sport Aberdeen - Fall In Love With Sport

Produced for Sport Aberdeen for their premium annual award event this video captures the essence of the love of sport that drives participation at all levels. There is a rich array of sporting activities available throughout Aberdeen. Fall in love with sport.

Aker Solutions - QV1 Promo

Aker Solutions wanted a video to launch a new product at Offshore Europe. The video describes a powerful response through innovation and technology to industry challenges. QVI- Quantified Visual Integrity (One system, one unified and integrated solution)

Sport Aberdeen - No Excuses

Another video for the Sport Aberdeen premium annual award event. This video encourages everyone to participate in sport and showcases some of the many opportunities Aberdeen has to offer.

Golf Aberdeen - Hazlehead Pines Course

The rebranding of Hazlehead No2 course illustrating the beauty of the course using a mix of aerial and ground level footage.

Azzurro-Blu - Personal Branding

Branding isn’t just a big company subject as this informative piece to camera by our own Marketing Analyst, Anastasia Kvitkina, illustrates.

Sansooz - Promotional

This video was created to contextualise the fine work done by designer Sooz Chorino for an expo in Germany. Sooz wanted to capture her brand, the products and their use, and the mascot of her own design – Sandy the Dog.

Fear Of Selling - Flip Your Thinking

Sales tips that work from our Commercial Director. If you have any kind of block on your sales performance this video could help.

A Guide To Marketing

An Animated Video to explain the benefits of digital marketing. This is an example of how an animation can capture the essence of a product or service.

Granite City - Assisted Comfort

Our client wanted a video that when beyond showcasing products. They wanted to demonstrate the difference they can make to someone’s life. The video illustrates the difficulties faced by those who need assisted living products. The blessing of privacy in the bathroom is something that most of us take for granted. With assisted living products the peace of mind and dignity of privacy in a beautiful bathroom becomes a reality for those who need it most.

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